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ID State Owner Title Description
22 Finished Grom Perseverence - Teachings Aria gains lessons from A'Sharad Hett on the very basics of Djem So, and is sent on her way.
20 Active Hale Montari Nieuth: Reprisals
19 Paused Dialia Fall Pt. 1
18 Finished Trakata Turning Point A group of criminals fly in for a suicide mission towards an Empire high security facility in order to pull out just a single person. The pay is high... but is this worth it?
17 Finished Camkei Rodian Waltz
16 Paused Camkei Hello Kaz!
15 Finished Camkei Street Party
13 Unfinished Sorana Pryde Joining the Family
12 Finished Risi Faded Memories Lahani comes to Risi in order to ascertain if her memories could be brought into the light.
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