About the authors:

Odin (Rhost 3.9+)

Odin is currently the lead for the RhostMUSH project. There is no autobio for Odin.

Kale (Rhost 3.2) There is no autobio for Kale. Kale is retired.

Lensman (Rhost 3.2/4.0)

If Ashen is the grumpy old man of Rhost - then Lensman is the lil' kid for whom nothing's ever quite good enough. He started off running a couple of Penn servers and then quickly decided it didn't have enough l33+ t0y5.. so he added a few here and there ending up a branched version of the server he affectionally calls 'Taz'. He's also enjoyed a vast number of WizBits and CodeWiz positions on a variety of now dead and forgotten mushes. From there he kinda got bored and drifted along aimlessly until recruited by Ashen and getting enlisted in the mighty armies of the Rhost. Right now he's managed to somehow end up in charge of the next few iterations of the RhostMUSH server and giving poor ol' senile Ashen a bit of a vacation. Plans for the code include some -major- restructuring and tidying up, together with a few funky new currently-classified features that'll end up being called Rhost 3.9 (catchy title, huh?) .. so watch this space. Oh.. yeah.. and he runs the mailing lists too. Most often heard quotes when working on Rhost: "What? This will not do.. this simply will not do! Who wrote this?!" "A bug?.. Nah.. couldn't possibly be mine.. blame Ashen" Lensman is Retired.

Morgan (Rhost 4.0) There is no autobio for Morgan. Morgan is MIA.

Seawolf (Rhost 3.2/4.0) There is no autobio for Seawolf. Seawolf is Semi-Retired.

Thorin (Rhost 3.2/4.0) There is no autobio for Thorin. Thorin is retired.

Zenty (Rhost 3.2/4.0) There is no autobio for Zenty. Zenty is retired.

Amos (Rhost 3.5) There is no autobio for Amos. Amos is MIA.

Ashen-Shugar (Rhost 3.2/4.0)

He started mudding in 1989 on TinyMUD. During his time, he's played on most flavors of muds out there (short of MOO... he doesn't like MOO) and has both hard-coded, soft-coded, and maintained on all the platforms. He's had more wizbits than he cares to count (well over 100) and usually enjoys helping people when asked as long as they take some time to help themselves first and as long as his bouts of senility arn't running rampet through his fragile mind. (just kidding) Unfortunately, he's not on as much as he used to be. His cat decided he likes the keyboard more than even his wife and generally lays on it for attention. Ah well... This senile old man can be reached online.

Ashen-Shugar is semi-retired.

Loki (Rhost 3.9/4.0) There is no autobio for Loki. Loki is MIA.

Ambrosia (Rhost 3.9/4.0) There is no autobio for Ambrosia.