Just a few of the mushes running the RhostMUSH server:

Rhostshyl( port 4201)

This is the original RhostMUSH server. It is here that the code gets first tested out, before being moved on to the others.

Rhostshyl is based on the Silverglass series by J.F. Rivken. Its a fairly loose fantasy world filled with dragons and elfs, witches and vampyres. The mush attracts a wide variety of players. You may enjoy the role playing in a light manner (no stats or set restrictions), coding or simply socializing with your fellow players.

Web Page: http://rhost.mybis.com/rhost
Admin Contact: Ashen-Shugar

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The Underground ( port 7000)

The Underground is based on the movie 'Labyrinth'. It stared David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and featured many of Jim Henson's muppets.

The mush goes a bit beyond what was in the movie as far as areas to explore. It is felt that if the movie would have been considerably longer, there would have been many more areas possible in the Labyrinth. While visiting, there are many ways to keep yourself occupied, with light role play, exploring the areas, chatting with other players, and even such novelties as peach and glitter fights. The mush endeavers to keep a fun and yet safe (for most ages) place to play)

Web Page: http://rhost.mybis.com/labby
Admin Contact: Zara

Legacy( port 6250)

Legacy is a lightly themed and relaxed role playing world, drawing on and extending concepts and ideas in Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trillogy. Producing a magical, multi-raced Medieval world.

Web Page: http://www.foobar.co.uk/~lintilla/legacy
Admin Contact:



Russia By Night

Shattered Dreams

Paradise Lost


Children of the Moon