About the MUSH server:

First, RhostMUSH is not short for 'remote host' (.rhost/rhost/login/exec/etc)
services commonly found in standard TCP/IP subsystems like unix.
The name 'Rhost' comes from what the first mush that ran RhostMUSH was
named.  This was (and is) 'Rhostshyl', which bears it's name from a series by
J. F. Rivkin (a pair of rather impressive authors on fantasy ganre).
Second, People have asked the proper pronounciation of 'Rhost' as well.  I 
tend to pronounce it as 'Rawst'.  However, I feel it could be valid to 
pronounce it as 'Roast' if you so deemed.

RhostMUSH originally started as a MUD then migrated to MUSE 
under the hand of Nyctasia late 1989/early 1990.  When she left, 
she handed it down to Ashen-Shugar and Seawolf 
(who converted it to MUSH).  RhostMUSH is the working endevor of 
seven people currently.  Seawolf, Thorin and Ashen-Shugar are the main 
coders, Morgan is working on RhostMUSH 4.0.  Everyone does QA.
The codebase has code based on TinyMUSH 2.0.10 p6 but only resembles
it now in it's compatability with MUSH.  The many facelifts
it has undergone has made it the most stable, secure, and 
configurable systems out there.  No, this isn't a boast.
The RhostMUSH server I maintain has only been corrupted twice
in over 8 years.  And both times the server hosting it went down
during a database write causing a partial db.  We're in the works
rewriting the database interface from scratch so even this won't
cause corruption down the road.  And yes, it'll still be able to
read/write flatfiles in a TinyMUSH complient format.
There is also a RhostMUSH 3.5 branch that is more intended for real
time combat that is being developed by Amos.  This is sadly MIA along
with Amos and has been for years.  Sorry people.

There is currently no Win32 version available.  We apologize for any

In addition to being fully backward compatable with MUSH (Tiny 2.2.2),
it allows the following additions to just name a few.
- 99.9% compatable with TinyMUSH 2.2.5
- 98% (give or take) compatable With TinyMUSH 3.1+
- 99% compatable with TinyMUX 1.4p16
- 97% (give or take) compatable with MUX 2.2
- 97% compatable with Penn 1.7.2p26
- 92% (give or take) compatable with Penn 1.7.5 and 1.7.6
- 90% (give or take) compatable with Penn 1.7.7+
- The codebase has been in use since 1989 so is a very stable server.
- Automatic on-line recovery of destroyed dbriefs over any period of time.
  Yes, this also includes players.
- Fully emplimented multi-tier @power/@depower system.
- Multi-tier ZONE system.
- Totally secure ANSI capable, including 256 ansi support.
- @reboot and on-line backups (with remote possibilities)
- Multi-tier wizard/administration bits.
- On-line configurability of commands, parameters, etc.
- Ability to override or overload nearly any feature in-game without
  having to recompile.
- Dual quota system.
- Hard coded mail, bbs/news, and com system.
  (mail rivals brandy mailer, bbs rivals Myrridian's, and com is limited)
- Automatic data integrety repair on corruption detection.
  (we actually ran on a partial db and didn't crash)
- Singular control of restrictions per player.
- An extensive flag and toggle list which is about twice as robust as any
  other server.
- An extensive function list that has more functions than any
  other server, though PennMUSH is catching up fast ;)
- The server was made with programmers/rpers in mind as it allows
  a lot of user-control over other users including specility flags,
  functions and commands.
- Secure side-effect capabilities.
- Rumored to be as close to 100% Twink/Hack proof as you can get.
- Flatfile converter for TinyMUSH 3.x, TinyMUX 1.x, TinyMUX 2.x, TinyMUSH 2.x
  and PennMUSH (as well as most derivitives of them)
- Totally configurable online with nearly every single options.
- Massive DoS/DDoS and flooding control to thwart even the most rabid annoyance.
- We take bugs VERY seriously.  We _ALWAYS_ assume what you find is a bug
  until we can _PROVE_ you otherwise.  If we can not prove or disprove it,
  we put in debug information into the code itself so if anyone else sees
  the same problem, we'll know what the problem is and fix it.
- More flexable and configurable than any other sever, though PennMUSH is 
  getting closer.
- Fully modularized codebase for ease of change/modification/additions.