RhostMUSH Convention

RhostMUSH Con is a gathering for all the staff and players that use the RhostMUSH server. It is a good occasion to safely meet people in person you may have gotten to know on-line as it happens in a public place and there are many people in attendance. This year as in the past we will be going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The faire is a fun place especially in a group, there are plenty of shows and activities to keep you occupied as well as several locations perfect for chatting with friends.

Tickets for the faire are priced at 14.95 per person, however we will have 2 for 1 coupons available for the date of the con, June 26, 1999, so you will only have to pay about 7.50 admission.

As the date of the convention approaches we will be able to post more detailed information about where to meet, most likely the gates outside of the faire or a nearby restraurant. T-shirts will also be available, the designs will be posted as soon as they are completed. Be sure to check out the Bristol Renaissance Faire HomePage for more details about the faire itself and directions to it.

Mushes participating in the con include Rhostshyl, The Underground, The Ministry.

Important Information: