Q.  Can I convert my X to RhostMUSH?
A.  Right now, RhostMUSH successfully can convert PennMUSH (1.7.2 through 1.7.7),
    TinyMUX (1.x through 2.x), TinyMUSH (2.x through 3.x), and derivitives.
    If you have hacked your code, it may not convert cleanly, but if you ask
    the developers, they're generally kind in helping.

Q.  Can I convert from RhostMUSH to another codebase?
A.  Not without some difficulty.  However, Brazil has one that will supposedly
    convert Rhost to MUX2.

Q.  RhostMUSH is a private distribution.  How do I know it works like you say?
A.  RhostMUSH is no longer private and in fact is open source.
    So grab the source code and see for yourself :)
Q.  I found a bug that is unreproducable, but it's a bug!
A.  The short of it.  We agree.  It's a bug.
    You see, the only time we will think it is _NOT_ a bug, is after we have
    proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the bug could not possibly exist
    through extensive debugging, hand-walkthroughs, and debugging statements
    given to _you_ so that if the bug reproduces we can catch it.  We're not
    so arrogant to think that if we can't find it, the bug isn't there.
    In such an instance, please report the bug to our site and we'll take
    action to fix it as soon as possible.

Q.  Why does RhostMUSH have a limit on attributes?  Other codebases don't.
A.  The short of it.  It stops attribute corruption.
    You see, above, we proved through extensive debugging that too many 
    attributes, over an extended period of time, has a strong chance to cause
    db corruption.  It was extremely difficult to find, as it never happened
    twice the same way, nor did it always happen.  But again, with extensive
    testing, we noticed a trend.  The trend spoke for itself even if we could
    not point to a line of code and say 'that's it!'.  It's linked to GDBM.
    And no, after the fix, we've never had a problem with attribute corruption
    since.  This includes kill -9ing the server, blackouts, brownouts, or the
    like.  I'd say that proves that we were correct in our fix.  Why did we 
    fix it even if we couldn't fully prove it at first?  See the 2nd rumor.
    We do support QDBM which, if you use, you will be able to 'basically' 
    remove the attribute cap on the maximum attributes.  We do have a ceiling
    cap of 10,000 attributes regardless of the database.  This is to avoid
    DoS attacks.

Q.  I won't use your code because you said 'X' and I hate you, dislike you,
    don't like how you do X, Y, or Z, etc etc.
A.  The short of it, it's your choice.
    The long of it is yes, we make mistakes.  Yes, we can say some brutal
    things, and yes we're human.  If you can't accept our faults, then 
    you have to, naturally, do what you feel is right.  We're not forcing
    you to use this codebase nor any other.  In the end, you do and use
    what you feel most comfortable with.  Just allow us the same.

Q.  How can you say X, Y, or Z?
A.  Nearly everything we say is based on facts.  Proven facts.  If others can
    not prove what we have proved, that, to be extremely blunt, is not
    our problem.  If asked nicely, of course we'll share.  We just don't
    like being called blatent liars and made out to be full of crap :)

Q.  Why is RhostMUSH private?
A.  It used to be under a private NDA.  We did this to avoid code theft.
    However, in today's data age, we felt it was time to hang up the
    paranoid hat and opened our code to the public under a freely
    distributed open source license.  Yes, this means any and all
    codebases can use any code they see fit.

Q.  Does RhostMUSH have back doors or methods to allow the developers control?
A.  The short of it, a big, resounding 'no'.  
    These are very false rumors, by some very misinformed people.  If you do
    run across anyone who says something, please let us know about them and
    we will happilly prove to you, with the source, that any areas they talk
    about are just that, rumors.
    In fact, the source is free, so feel free to download the source
    and verify it yourself.

Q.  You're just conceited and think Rhost is the best thing out there?
A.  Yes! er... I mean... no :).  The short of it, no, but it depends on who you ask.
    This goes with us being human.  We will say some things, and yes,
    some things may look bad, but we would prefer if people drew their
    own conclusions by talking to us, and by using the codebase, instead of 
    making snap judgements based on other people's opinions.
    If you feel unable to accept this, then don't accuse us of doing what
    you yourself have just decided to do.  Catch 22's, don't you love them.