The following information was written by Ashen-Shugar. (Updated 06/2002)

What requirements are there to mushing?

	Well, to actually get the best out of mushing, you first need
	to be able to connect.  For this, you should use some type of
	client capable of socket connection.  There are various
	clients you can get for mushing.
		Win32 (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
		Unix (all clones included)
		Mac (OS/X or other)
	If you are unable or incapable of using a client, you can connect
	from a standard telnet program (like the one that comes with win95)
	You may have format problems if you use vanilla telnet.

	Other than that, the only requirement I'm aware of is to have fun.
	If you don't have fun on the place you're on, find somewhere else
	because where you're at currently isn't working for you.

What requirements are there to start your own mush?

	Unfortunately, to run a successful mush, you should have *all* of
	the following requirements met:

	1)  You should have mushed as a player at least a year on any given
	    mush.  This time should not have been sporatic and you should
	    have been involved in the politics.

	2)  You should have had a deserving wizard bit for at least 6 months.
	    A 'deserving wizard bit' is defined as one that you got through
	    work and effort and not one that was given by a friend.  This also
	    is a *full* wizard bit.  Not a sub-wizard, staff, or admin

	3)  You have a working theme/idea for the mush.  It is very foolish
	    to start a mush without a working idea for what you want.

        4)  You should have a familiarity with the operating system that the
            mud will be hosted on.  If you plan to run a mush off windows
            you should know both windows and the basic administration of
            both windows and the mush.  If it's unix, you should know the
            basic command set of unix (Linux, BSD, etc) and not only how
            to navigate, but how to edit files, transfer files, and the
            basic 'needs'.  If you will not be doing this, please refer
            to #5 below as someone _needs_ to be competant in this.

	5)  A list of staff (including one PR, one Coder, one management).
	    Assuming as you'll run the mush you'll do the management, you
	    should have at least one hardcoder and one softcoder.  The same
	    person may be able to fill both rolls if you chance upon a gem,
	    but having seperate people for both duties is actually preffered
	    as workload isn't shared between responsibilities.  Hardcoding is
            not as big a deal as it was years ago, but if you have any trouble
            with your mud, or have any need for modifications, a hardcoder
            at this point is exceptionally valuable.

	6)  The temperment of yourself and your staff should be similiar enough
	    to allow you to get along.  If you're going to have in-fighting,
	    your mush WILL NOT WORK!

	7)  You should (at most times) have respect for the players that get
	    on your mush.  You are building the mush first for your own dreeams
	    but never forget you're also doing it to share your dreams with
	    others.  So build well and keep the rudeness to a minimum.

	8)  Remember that the mush is yours, but do not have an attitude of
	    'I am a ghod and everyone else is scum' attitude.  That just in
	    the end makes you unapproachable and bluntly, worthless.

	9)  Remember, mushing is a PRIVALAGE, not a RIGHT.  When you start your
	    own mush, you have *absolute* control unless you decide not to.
	    From personal experience democracy ran mushes DO NOT WORK.  But
	    if you think you can get it to work, all the power to you.  Just
	    don't let players or fellow staff push you into doing something
	    you do not agree on.

	10) Players do not have the authority to tell you how you do things.
	    If a player gives you the (unending) line of 'What would this place
	    be without players?'.  Fine... answer back: 'Where would your
	    enjoyment be without this mush?'.  Face it, there's hundreds of
	    mushes out there, and if they want everything changed, then this
	    obviously isn't the mush they want to be on.  Let them leave, you
	    really lose nothing more than a headache.

	11) Unlike what you may have heard, as it is your mush, if you wish
	    to nuke, toad, or similarilly punish a twink, do what you have to
	    do.  There isn't a ruling council of 'wizzes' that you need to
	    follow.  Use your own judgement.  If you can't use your own
	    judgement, do us all a favor and don't even bother running a mush.

	12) DO NOT EVER give someone a bit because you think they deserve it
	    just because they're a friend, or because you're afraid they will
	    not stay otherwise, or because blah blah blah.  *ONLY* give a 
	    wizard bit on two condition.  1) Because you truly want to do it
	    and 2) Because the player has earnistly deserved it.  If both
	    of these conditions can't be met, don't give them the bit.  If you
	    have bad feelings about bitting someone, don't.  It's your mush,
	    and if you bit some twink because they actually worked hard when
	    you have that inner voice telling you that they'll mess something
	    up then later find out they DID mess something up, don't bother
	    yelling at people for your own mistake.  Live with it.

	13) Take responsibility for your own actions.  You WILL make mistakes
	    and you WILL do some really rash and stupid things.  Take it with
	    a grain of salt.  Everyone out there has done some really foolish
	    things and will continue to do foolish things no matter what they
	    think of themselves and say.  In fact, if they think they're above
	    everyone else, then that's one of the mistakes they're making. :)
	    People tend to forget that we started as total newbies as well.

	14) When you become accomplished at running a place, spread your skills
	    around.  Even if someone is being a twit to you you should not fail
	    to at least help them when they're in serious need.

	15) Make sure if you want players that you have the right resources.
	    A 28,800/33,600/56,000 modem connection WILL NOT WORK.  Once you
	    get 10+ people online at once, the load sharing across the 
	    bandwidth will give you NOTICABLE lag and really annoy everyone
	    involved.  You should have at the very least a higher-end ISDN/DSL
	    line or partial or higher T1/T3/other.  If you don't expect more than
	    10 or so players, then yes, a modem connecion will probably work.

	16) Make *SURE* you choose the right server base for your needs.  
	    If you intend to do a lot of modifications or functionality to
	    your server, then you may want to ask around for the best server.
	    Also, you may not think stability is a big deal, but if you lose
	    databases or lose players from loss work, it starts to become a
	    big deal.  The least stable servers out there currently are
	    TinyMUSH, AlloyMUSH, and some of the lesser 'hacked' mu*'s 
            out there.  If you want stability and functionality, I strongly 
            suggest PENN or MUX2 for public servers and RhostMUSH for a 
            private server but RhostMUSH is difficult to get.  If you feel
            you must use TinyMUSH, then I'd go with 2.2.4u1

	17) Make *SURE* you choose the right hardware for your needs.  The
	    operating system is a sheer bet to what is avaialble for you to
	    use.  Any Win32 platform is pretty tight with resources and isn't
	    as stable as it's Unix based sisters.  Also, various flavors of
	    unix make it difficult to compile.  Try to compile on a dec 
            alpha for instance.  It isn't going to be pretty.

	18) Make *SURE* that when you pick your staff, that they can do the
	    job.  If you do not know what a 'good' coder is, ask someone
	    who you respect and trust to do it for you as long as they're
	    skilled..  The same goes for builders, RPers, or anyone else.
	    Remember, having incompetant staff is a sure way to lose a mud.